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Historic Photos    



HISTORIC PHOTOS and POSTCARDS from LINN GROVE and surrounding area.

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Requesting your old photos or postcards of Linn Grove and the local area to scan for website. Will be returned quickly in same condition rec'd. Your comments, anecdotes, and knowledge are much appreciated.


Please email with contact information.


Help Identify the Mystery Photos.

This page is devoted to photographs in which individuals are identified. 




Multi-View Postcard

"Greetings from Linn Grove


Ole Cleveland and others in early automobile - "after 1916"



Linn Grove Iowa Early Street Scene




Linn Grove Mill







The old Linn Grove Mill From the Rear. Notes on a similar postcard belonging to Edna Robbins: "The mill race is shown in the foreground. This is the first flour mill. I have one picture (old) has 1864 date as being built. The horse is 'Old Bird' owned by Robert Morris, was the father of Mrs. A. B. Carstensen of Linn Grove."

Linn Grove Postal Cover from 1909

Scenes including creamery, Lutheran Church, Baptist Church, School and River Scenes

Text: Linn Grove is a thriving town in the north part of Buena Vista county on the C. & N. W. R. R. and on the Little Sioux River. It is in the midst of a fine farming and stock-raising part of the State of Iowa. The Little Sioux River furnishes abundant water power for any kind of manufacturing plant. There is one of the best creameries in the northwest situated here and prospects are extra good for an extensive coal mine, one and one-half miles from town. It has three churches and an excellent school. All lines of business are represented her and all are thriving. The town is one of the most picturesque in the United States and worth many miles of travel to see.

Linn Grove Poem

Composed by Mrs. M. J. Sparks

Reprinted from 

"The Story of Linn Grove" 1976

Linn Grove Baptist Church


Norwegian Lutheran Church Linn Grove

Main Street Linn Grove July 4 Parade

Linn Grove Presbyterian Church


Linn Grove Street Scene - Lutheran Church at End

East Side of Main Street Circa Looking North 1910

 West Side Main Street Looking South

Linn Grove Elevator Office Interior View w/ Dave DeLong - per note on back.

Enlarge to see where writer placed Xs to buildings burned.

Next day account of Linn Grove Fire of 1911 sent on this postcard.



Linn Grove Looking North - East Side of Main Street

Ruins of Linn Grove Fire

March 27, 1911


Ruins of Linn Grove Looking North


Linn Grove Dam Looking North

Ruins of Linn Grove Looking South


Linn Grove Street Scene Looking South - Postmark 1914

Linn Grove Picnic


CB Halverson's Barn after "Cyclone" Tornado


CB Halverson's Farm after Cyclone

near Linn Grove May 3-19




Souvenir From Linn Grove Main Street Scene

Scene from the Linn Grove Depot

Fire Scene from the Boardwalk


Collection of Ronda Ellis

Hesla Residence, Public School, and Baptist Church Street Scene 1906

Linn Grove Depot Scene

Linn Grove Railroad Tracks and Early Town View

Linn Grove River Scene 1911

Linn Grove Band

High Water Going Over Dam Looking North

Unique Leaf Postcard - Overlook of Linn Grove

View of the Dam Circa 1910

Wards Park


Linn Grove Regulars Baseball Team


Linn Grove Main Street Scene - See old Post Office Sign

Interior of Erickson's New Meat Market

Daisy Roller Mills Linn Grove IA


Linn Grove Boys Basketball Team 1913

Linn Grove Elevators and C&NW RR Tracks

Edna Robbins

Linn Grove - Click link to read bio: Postcard Collector

Linn Grove Boys Football Team 1911

West Side of Main Street Looking South

Linn Grove Businessmen of 1902 - Each person identified below.


Public School Linn Grove


Linn Grove School

Mayne Family and Friends



Carousel Photo Wards Park (Edna Robbins Collection)


Wards Park Entrance - See Dance Floor on Left Side of Photo

BH Girls 1911

Rough construction early Linn Grove dam photo

Circa 1920

Linn Grove

School Postcard


Another photo of the BH girls.  What does "BH" stand for?



Another picture of the BH girls.


Dr. A. B. Carstensen -

Linn Grove's physician

Cement Block and Tile Factory Linn Grove 1920

Brick and Tile Works - Linn Grove




Was this down at the dam?? Please email if you know the answer.


Collection of Lynn Graesing

(Click on picture for a larger view)

Back Row L-R 1) Oscar Cleveland 2)? Ness 3)Carl Ness Front row L ->R 1)Tom Lewis, Jr.  2)Vick Olson 3)? Hanson 4)Charles Robbins

(Thanks to Patria Jenson for her help. Tom Lewis, Jr. was her great-great uncle.


Linn Grove World War I Veterans

Collection of Ronda Ellis

BH Girls 1910


Historic Photos    


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