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Linn Grove Scenes

Anyone is welcome to submit scanned or digital photos in for the website or "Photo of the Week." Regular photos can also be dropped off with Becky Jessen at the First State Bank in Linn Grove,, they will be returned promptly. All small photos are hyperlinked to a larger image suitable for viewing or printing. Email webmaster to send attached scanned or digital photos

People and Events

Kid's Games at the 2005 Linn Grove Jamboree

Photo by Linda Patterson

Jamboree Parade Grand Marshalls

Gladys Zwiefel and Alice Carlson

Photo by Linda Patterson


Jesse Driver in Linn Grove sweatshirt posed by pyramids in Egypt

More photos by Jesse Driver

More Photos by Jesse

"I'd Like a Juice Box, Please"

Linn Grove River Jamboree 2004

Photo by Lynn Graesing


Click here for Jamboree 2005 Photos

Click here for Jamboree 2004 Photos


Artists and Artisans

Photo by Barb Cox


Tom Sawyer Supervises

Photo by Barb Cox



2004 Parade Grand Marshals

Harry and Ann Kraft

Photo by Lynn Graesing

A Shady Spot on Main Street

Photo by Lynn Graesing


Abraham Lincoln Historical Re-enactment

Aerial Views of Linn Grove

by Hugh Roberts, local pilot

Click on photo for link to more photos taken from a bird's eye view. Linn Grove River Jamboree June 19th, 2004.

Linn Grove High Water

Sept 23 2004 - More Photos

Low Water over the Dam 1970s

Photos by the Andersons from Storm Lake

The Sioux Central Junior Class completed a service learning project in Linn Grove with the assistance of their sponsors, Mayor Graesing, Gary Brown, and Monte Scholten on April 28th. Click here for more photos.

Jackets Off!

(Left to Right) Riley Kacmarynski, Taylor Spiess, and Lexy Kacmarynski

Posed on the Steps Going up the Hill March 2004


Photo by Matt Kacmarynski

It was a Dark and Stormy Night - The Mystery of the Rob's Missing Truck

What happened to Rob's Truck? It disappeared one night during a Linn Grove Communications Committee Meeting and was nowhere to be seen, however mysterious tracks were discovered (click photo to enlarge)

Click here to see what happened to the truck....

David Teellefsen, Anna Nelson, and Courtney ShultzLinn Grove Sioux Central  Students David Tellefsen and Anna Nelson and local student Courtney Shultz at the NASA Space Center in Houston TX Feb. 2004. They competed in the NASA Mars Base Settlement Competition.

Tractors in Jamboree Parade


Denny, Ronda, Becky, Sheri, and Barb serving lunch at the Jamboree

Kids' Games at the Jamboree


Silent Auction Fundraiser


Bob Driver

Bob Driver Giving Pony Cart Rides to Kids (Photo by Becky Jessen)

Santa visits at the Linn Grove Landing


More Photos - Christmas Cookie Exchange, Santa Visits, Pony Rides



Center Stage Event


Kiddie Parade on High Street -

Linn Grove Jamboree 2003


Kiddie Parade Linn Grove Jamboree 2003

                                                      Photo by Becky Jessen


Halloween Party October 25, 2003 at the Community Center

Click here for more photos of the festivities.



Little Sioux River and Linn Grove Dam

photos by Lynn Graesing unless otherwise noted

Leonard Anderson fishing down at the Linn Grove dam

Linn Grove bridge over the Little Sioux looking West

Little Sioux River overlook in fall, upstream from Linn Grove dam

Linn Grove Dam - Flood of 1993

Eagle in flight over dam

More Eagle Photos

Many eagles are winter visitors in Linn Grove - click on photo to enlarge

View of Old Bridge from Ward's Park

Shane Newgaard of Okoboji caught this nice walleye down at the dam on 3/4/06. Email us your photos of great Little Sioux River catches - data included. Will post on website with your permission.

Flood water going over the dam April 2006

Around Town

photos by Lynn Graesing unless otherwise noted


Walking in the Wildflowers on Hillsides at outskirts of Linn Grove



The sand path in winter


Steps going up the Linn Grove hill


Old cars in the woods

Linn Grove Elevators  After a Storm (Before Elevator in Foreground Burned)

A Classic Linn Grove View From the Top of the Steps

Overlooking Downtown Linn Grove March 2004


Matt Kacmarynksi 2004

Photo by Jesse Driver

More photos by Jesse Driver


Old Sentinel in Cemetery on a winter day

Bluebird Creek January 2006.

Old C & NW Bridge downtown Linn GroveOld C&NW train trestle - Linn Grove IA May 2006

Linn Grove River Road The North River Road  May 11, 2006


Local Scenes and Wildlife

photos by Lynn Graesing unless otherwise noted


Queen Anne's Lace on country road near Linn Grove

Bluebird Creek just north of Linn Grove

Windmills west of Linn Grove

Wild turkeys on road going to Buena Vista County Park

Bluebird Creek beaver dam


and calves at River Valley Ranch.



Diane Noll., 2003

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Monarch Migration

A Study in Camouflage



Barb Wadsley, April 2005

Brooke Creek Arched Bridge

Woodhouse Farm

Digital Photo by Lynn Graesing, May 2005



Submitted photos will be given proper credit to photographer. Images otherwise taken by and copyrighted

by Lynn Graesing, Webmaster. Please contact for permission to use.


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