What day is the garbage service?

Garbage is collected on Tuesday every week.  Maximum allowance is 4 bags. If you have large items or more than the allowance, please contact Grow's Garbage Service for pickup.

Where can I dispose of trees and shrubs?

Linn Grove has a tree dump located south of the river, between the co-op and south river entrance.

Do pets need to be licensed?

Dogs are required to be licensed every year in January at a $10 fee. A tag will be issued upon presentation of Rabies certificate and funds. A maximum of 3 dogs allowed. 

Cats do not need to be licensed but should not be allowed to roam the city. Please do not feed the stray cats.  A maximum of 10 cats per residence is allowed.

See city ordinances for more information on other animal regulations.

How do I obtain a permit?

Please reference the city ordinances for full requirements

All permits should be submitted with documentation on the request, the design of the structure etc to the Building Inspector or a member of council.